The 12G Gallery by Ian Clemmet

The 12G Gallery

By Ian Clemmet

Welcome, these are my attempts at recording the railways in my native area of South Cumbria and beyond. All images are taken with Canon EOS equipment starting in 1998 with an EOS 5000, then upgrading to an EOS 1000FN and then eventually to my current trio of EOS 3's teamed with a selection of prime lenses. Images from 1998 until around 2000 are scanned from 35mm negatives and then to the present day are scanned from both colour and black&white 35mm slides. I am a film diehard with images being added fairly regularly depending on when film is processed and time to scan images permits. I would like to thank all those who have assisted me over the years, and David Dockray for his technical assistance. Hope you enjoy.

All of the images contained within this website are the sole copyright of Ian Clemmet and may not be copied or used in any format with my prior permission.